OK, it's true, I admit it.

South Dakota is not considered the golfing mecca of the United States. If you were to, just off the top of your head, name 10 states you associate with golf, well...South Dakota probably isn't anywhere to be seen on that list. But that doesn't mean we don't have fantastic golf courses! And for that matter, world-class golfers!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

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First, let's get into the car and explore South Dakota by taking a trip to one of our great small towns. A town called Onida.

'Born' in 1880, Onida is home (according to the 2020 census) to 666 friendly South Dakotans. As for how Onida became 'Onida', well, it's a little different than a lot of the other South Dakota towns. While many of the others were somehow named after a railroad man or woman, Onida got its name because those first settler's all those many years ago came from 'back east', a town in New York called...Oneida. So I guess they just decided to drop the 'e' and call it good! And by 1883 Onida was officially a city.

But why would the county seat of Sully County be referred to as the Golf Capital of South Dakota?

Well, I guess you could say that 2 PGA Tour wins, the 1989 Kemper Open and the 1989 Hardee's Golf Classic, were 'born' in good 'ol Onida, South Dakota. Yep, Tom and Curt Byrum are Onida natives. Or as they're probably called in Onida, 'The Byrum Boys'. Along with those wins the Byrum boys played in all the Major Tour events and had wins on the Nationwide Tour as well. The boys attended college a bit southwest of Onida, in a state called New Mexico. Curt joined the PGA tour in '83 and Tom soon after that.

So here's a great idea for ya: How about when the weather is nice and toasty warm again, take a little trip and explore our great state of South Dakota? Motor on over to Sully county, and you'll see some beautiful country, nature did plum fine in that part of the state.

Oh, and make a stop in Onida. Maybe have a cup of coffee, a sandwich, maybe a piece of the pie. And talk some golf.

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