The 2022 NBA Draft is coming up this Thursday on ESPN and Timberwolves fans find themselves in a very unfamiliar position.

In the 2022 NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves have four current selections.

In the first round, the Minnesota Timberwolves will make their first selection at No. 19.

In addition to the first round pick, the Wolves also have three picks in the second round, at No. 40, No. 49 and 51.

It will be interesting to see if the Wolves end up selecting in those positions or if they try to package those picks together and move up or potentially look at trading down if a deal comes their way.

If Minnesota is to stay at those spots, it will be important that they look at upgrading a back up to Karl-Anthony Towns or at the point guard position.

Regardless of who lands in Minnesota via the 2022 NBA Draft, it will be somewhat refreshing to Wolves fans to see them outside the NBA Draft Lottery after making the playoffs this spring.

For more information on the Minnesota Timberwolves, their current roster and other news surrounding the organization and draft, you can visit their team website.



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