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Everyone is getting excited to watch Super Bowl LVI, and see which of the Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals is going to put an exclamation point on this wacky 2021 National Football League season.

But you know that the sportsbooks, and of course bettors, never sleep on odds and free bets offers, so there are already futures odds in place to win Super Bowl LVII next February 13 in Glendale, Arizona.

Yes, you read that correctly: the Super Bowl LVI winner has not yet been crowned, but you can wager on the winner of next season’s Super Bowl.

I told you, the sportsbooks wait for no one.

Of course, any futures wagering market that is one year out–World Cup 2022 or Major League Baseball 2022, for example–comes with some (a lot) of risk. For one, there can be any manner of injuries between now and then. With MLB, you have to assume there is even going to be a season: of course, if there is not, you would get your money back.

Because you are betting so far off in the future, you can get much better odds on teams than you might during the season. If you remember back to last spring and summer, you could have got the Bengals at odds of +12500 (125/1) to win the AFC, and +20000 (200/1) to win the Super Bowl. Those odds started to drop dramatically after just a few weeks, as Cincinnati started the new campaign quickly.

The other factor that could have a major effect on the markets is player movement. If Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams head to Denver, the odds will have a cascade effect all around the league: of course, Denver’s will drop. But the odds for Kansas City and Buffalo might as well, plus of course Green Bay’s, as there will be new players in the fold.

“It is pretty tough right now to make picks on Super Bowl LVII, especially when you don’t know who is going to win Super Bowl LVI,” an spokesperson said. “I think you can make some generalizations right now, and those could offer you some good value.

“I think we know the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be very good again. Remember, this team is two overtime losses in the AFC Championship Game from four-straight Super Bowl appearances. And the same case could probably be made for the Buffalo Bills.

“There are some teams you might have to take a chance on now, before they sign players. The Denver Broncos, at odds of +2200 with FanDuel, are one of those: they have a great defense, a

good young core of skill players, and are just a good quarterback away from making some noise. Obviously, I might take a shot with the Bengals at +1700. I only wish I had backed them to win the AFC this season!”

So which teams have the best odds to win the Super Bowl next February, after the 2022 campaign? Take a look below at the odds from the FanDuel site.

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