Will the Denver Broncos trade Von Miller before the NFL trade deadline?

If you were to ask this question any other year, the answer would have been a unequivocally no.

This year is different though for the Broncos and the answer to that question may be YES.

According to CBS Sports, trade rumors are circulating that the Denver Broncos are looking to trade Von Miller.

This would be a part of a big overhaul within the Broncos organization and would signal a true restart of the organization that entered the weekend without a win.

Miller is clearly the most talented player on their roster and could garner the most return of any player with the team.

He has two years left on his current deal which are both team options worth $18 million each season.

Multiple teams according to multiple reports are interested in acquiring one of the best defenders in the NFL.

It has been a slow fall to the bottom for Denver who has seen their win totals continue to diminish after their Super Bowl victory four years ago.

The 2019 NFL trade deadline is 4 PM ET on Tuesday Oct 29.