A pair of Sioux Falls women are behind bars after an attack and robbery.

According to Dakota News Now, 30-year-old Terrince Delaney and 36-year-old Quinnita McNeely allegedly went to an apartment on the east side of Sioux Falls on Saturday with two women and a 4-month-old baby inside. One of the victims opened the door because she was familiar with one of the suspects.

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When the victim opened the door, Delaney attacked her by repeatedly hitting her in the head with a handgun. Then McNeely entered the apartment and began striking the same victim with a tire iron she brought with her.

According to the victims, Delaney and McNeely said they were looking for something specific but did not specify what exactly it was they were looking for. They left shortly after but took the victims' cell phones with them in an attempt to prevent them from calling the police. They weren't too dedicated to preventing the summoning of police because they left the victims' phones outside the building. The victims found the phones and were able to call 911. The victim's injuries were not life-threatening.

A short time later, a patrol car in the area of the incident spotted the suspect vehicle and pulled them over. Delaney and McNeely were arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery, and burglary. Delaney was also charged with committing a felony with a firearm. McNeely received was additionally charged with interfering with emergency communications because she swiped the victims' phones to prevent them from calling the police.


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