New Year's Weekend is one of the greatest sporting weekends of the year, but that doesn't mean we see the greatest performances. From Ohio State's College Football Playoff flop to Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve disaster, not everyone can ring in the new year on a positive note.

But then there are those bone-headed blunders, those entirely avoidable mistakes that only compound the issue and tarnish your shiny resolutions for 2017.

Here's to the two worst mental blunders that welcomed us to 2017.

1. The Buffalo Bills forgot to recover a kickoff in their own end zone, allowing the New York Jets to fall on the football and widen Buffalo's fourth quarter deficit.

Bills running back Mike Gillislee might want to forget about his New Year's resolutions because if Sunday's blowout loss to the Jets was any indication, 2017 won't be his year. Gillislee tracked down the bouncing kickoff and placed himself in position to recover the loose ball and kneel in the end zone. Instead, he suffered some sort of mental lapse that cost his Bills another touchdown.

Yep. This one is as bad as it looks. If it makes Gillislee feel better, the Bills were going to lose anyways.

2. Duke Blue Devils women's basketball covers the wrong end of the floor, giving Louisville a wide open layup.

Coming right out of the halftime break during an ACC battle between Duke and Louisville, the Cardinals pulled of the ultimate trickery. Lining up on the wrong side of the court, three Louisville players duped the five Duke defenders into guarding the wrong end of the floor. With Duke covering the wrong basket and the trap set, Louisville inbounded the basketball and converted an easy layup.

We've seen teams score on the wrong end of the court, but this is an entirely new form of trickery.

So which mental blunder is worse?

Duke guarding the wrong end of the floor is laughable, but the Blue Devils were duped into the blunder. My money is on the Buffalo Bills.

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