The playoffs are right around the corner and fans of the NFL will have a chance to watch eight different games this week.

Games begin on Saturday this week with and NFL Network triple-header. Texans/Buccaneers will start everything off at noon followed by Bills/Patriots and Rams/49ers. All games will be on NFL Network only.

That won't end things for the week. Sunday will still have four games on like normal. This week's Sunday schedule is one of the most unique that we have seen in the Sioux Falls market. Green Bay and Minnesota play on Monday Night, and the Bears play the Chiefs on Sunday night football. That has left both of our networks to take the top/lead game of the day.

CBS has the single-game again this week. Sorry Denver fans, but we won't be getting the Broncos again this week. We will instead get the lead CBS game of the week between the Ravens and Browns at noon.

FOX holds this week's doubleheader. Like most of the country, we will receive the New Orleans/Tennessee game at noon followed by the Cowboys/Eagles at 3:25 PM.

2019 NFL Week 16 Games on TV in Sioux Falls Market

  • Saturday, December 21: Houston @ Tampa Bay, 12:00, NFL Network
  • Saturday, December 21: Buffalo @ New England, 3:30, NFL Network
  • Saturday, December 21 LA Rams @ San Francisco, 7:15, NFL Network
  • Sunday, December 22: Baltimore @ Cleveland, 12:00, CBS
  • Sunday, December 22: New Orleans @ Tennessee, 12:00, FOX
  • Sunday, December 22: Dallas @ Philadelphia, 3:25, FOX
  • Sunday, December 22: Kansas City @ Chicago, 7:20, NBC
  • Monday, December 23: Green Bay @ Minnesota, 7:15, ESPN (ESPN 99.1)

If you’re ever curious about which games will be shown in the area, there are a couple of places you can find listings. First, my personal favorite, NFL distribution maps are put out by the staff at 506SportsKTTW (FOX) and KELO-TV (CBS) also both list the scheduled games on their respective web pages. As a reminder, all games are subject to change.

Teams Shown in the Sioux Falls Market (Running List of Number of Times Shown)

Arizona: 1
Atlanta: 4
Baltimore: 6
Buffalo: 5
Carolina: 4
Chicago: 13
Cincinnati: 1
Cleveland: 7
Dallas: 13
Denver: 5
Detroit: 7
Green Bay: 13
Houston: 6
Indianapolis: 5
Jacksonville: 3
Kansas City: 13
Los Angeles Chargers: 6
Los Angeles Rams: 7
Miami: 1
Minnesota: 15
New England: 12
New Orleans: 9
New York Giants: 6
New York Jets: 4
Oakland: 6
Philadelphia: 6
Pittsburgh: 8
San Francisco: 5
Seattle: 5
Tampa Bay: 3
Tennessee: 2
Washington: 3

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