We have a slight feeling that Denver Broncos fans around Sioux Falls will be very disappointed this weekend.

FOX holds this week's doubleheader and it's pretty easy to figure out what we will be seeing around this area. The Minnesota Vikings travel to New York to battle the Giants at noon. The late afternoon slot will feature the game between the Packers and Cowboys (that you can also listen to here on ESPN 99.1). That Green Bay/Dallas game will be shown to the entire country.

So...everything should be just fine for Denver fans to watch their game against the Chargers this weekend, right? Not the case. KELOLAND posted last week that the New England/Washington game will be shown at noon instead of the late-afternoon Broncos/Chargers matchup. Rapid City will get the Broncos game. With FOX holding the doubleheader, CBS affiliates can only show one game.

For clarification, the networks (CBS/FOX) initially select games for each market. Those markets can petition to show a different game, and the network then decides on whether that is granted or not. Going and yelling at the guys from KELO probably won't do you much good.

Anyways, here's the entire Week 5 lineup for the Sioux Falls area.

2019 NFL Week 5 Games on TV in Sioux Falls Market

  • Thursday, October 4: LA Rams @ Seattle, 7:20, FOX/NFL Network
  • Sunday, October 6: Minnesota @ NY Giants, 12:00, FOX
  • Sunday, October 6: New England @ Washington, 12:00, CBS
  • Sunday, October 6: Green Bay @ Dallas, 3:25, FOX (ESPN 99.1)
  • Sunday, October 6: Indianapolis @ Kansas City, 7:20, NBC
  • Monday, October 7: Cleveland @ San Francisco, 7:15, ESPN

If you’re ever curious about which games will be shown in the area, there are a couple of places you can find listings. First, my personal favorite, NFL distribution maps are put out by the staff at 506SportsKTTW (FOX) and KELO-TV (CBS) also both list the scheduled games on their respective web pages. As a reminder, all games are subject to change.

Teams Shown in the Sioux Falls Market (Running List of Number of Times Shown)

Atlanta: 2
Baltimore: 1
Buffalo: 1
Carolina: 1
Chicago: 4
Cincinnati: 1
Cleveland: 3
Dallas: 3
Denver: 2
Detroit: 1
Green Bay: 4
Houston: 1
Indianapolis: 1
Jacksonville: 2
Kansas City: 5
Los Angeles Chargers:
Los Angeles Rams: 2
Minnesota: 5
New England: 3
New Orleans: 3
New York Giants: 2
New York Jets: 1
Oakland: 3
Philadelphia: 2
Pittsburgh: 2
San Francisco: 1
Seattle: 2
Tampa Bay: 1
Tennessee: 1
Washington: 2

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