Nelly made the phrase mainstream in one of his many Billboard topping hits, "Its Getting Hot in Herre" and now some NFL coaches through only 4 games are feeling that same way.

It's only a quarter of the NFL season, but clearly there are some teams that are under producing again and some that look like a change at head coach might be on the horizon.

One coach in Oakland has already been fired and more may be to come.

Here are four coaches that are currently on the proverbial hot seat.


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Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers - Most players like playing for a "players coach". Mike Tomlin is that. But has he allowed it to be too buddy buddy and ultimately caused the franchise to take a step back from the success were used to seeing with the best franchise in all of football? Questionable calls, lack of discipline and lack of wins over the last 2 years have caused many to question Tomlin as the RIGHT guy. Anything but the playoffs and Tomlin will be out in my opinion in Pittsburgh. No longer will the blame go elsewhere, it will start and end with Mike Tomlin.


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Tom Coughlin NY Giants - A lot of people are surprised one way or the other when talking about Coughlin. He had the two Super Bowl titles, but the years in between and since have been bad. The G-men are 2-2 after starting 0-2. I think it's playoff berth or bust for Tom Coughlin. Too many resources and large expectations to win every year in the largest media market in the US may carry too much weight and Coughlin could be done. Plus at his age it's not like he will be coaching for another decade and whenever it is that he's done via retirement or being fired will probably be the last time we hear from him as a head coach.


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Rex Ryan NY Jets - We've been down this road before with Rex and a QB situation. Mark "butt fumble" Sanchez and now Geno "I cuss out fans" Smith. The Jets faithful are already calling for Mike Vick. I'm not sure that will help with wins & losses and the Jets need wins sitting at 1-3. Rex saved his job a few years back with his magical moves behind the scenes. But now again, just win baby. And if the jets don't, Rex may be out.


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Gus Bradley Jacksonville Jaguars - The team has the same path. And Bradley he may of gone to Blake Bortles too soon. Because if he does well but the team doesn't then the blame goes to Bradley.   If he struggles and the team does as well, then Bradley gets canned and he's blamed for the lack of development. May get 1 more year but I do believe that is solely based on the team showing major improvements.

With all of these guys, winning can change things around real quick.  Its only four games into the season and although I'm sure all are feeling the pressure, there are 12 games left to save their jobs.