Hiccups in the supply chain continue to be an issue for retailers around the world and those hiccups are no exception, even for behemoth Walmart. Obviously,  the pandemic has played into the equation, with supply chain and worker shortages at the top of the list of why some products are in short supply.

Watch any news show and you'll hear about ships with containers waiting on the coast waiting to unload. It's hard to unload your ship when you don't have workers to move the containers and load the trucks. Oh, and then there are the truck drivers too. Look around, they're in short supply as well.

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So what are the five items that Walmart, at times has hard stocking on the shelves? Let's take a look.  Beef, pork, chicken, juice products, and snacks.

The proteins are easy to understand. processors around the nation had to deal first with Covid itself and now some processors are dealing with worker shortages after vaccine mandates were introduced. Hoarding in some cases may play in as well as Americans have wised up, bought freezers, and may have more on hand at home.

Here's one I found intriguing. Gatorade. According to bgr.com; one Walmart employee, commenting on Reddit, said the following about the supply of Gatorade:

We get half a pallet to a pallet randomly. Not enough to fill the shelves, but enough to stripe and face them so they don’t look empty, until ten minutes after we open that is. I’ve noticed we’re short on a lot of great value juices and overall a lot of great value products, which is weird since I thought Walmart owned them.

My wife and I were in Walmart Sunday morning, and I did not notice the short supply in the meat department. I did notice that the freezers were not heaping with products like you would see pre-pandemic. But one look around the produce department and actually looking at labels of where the products come from and you quickly realize that we live in a global environment, and hopefully the supply chain issues work out quickly.

For the time being, the USDA says there are no food shortages, it's simply a supply chain issue and you may see less of certain items for a while.

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