Aaron Rodgers' comments from the Wisconsin Sports Awards says it all about the Packers off-season acquisitions. They didn't do enough.

On Thursday, Rodgers said "I think we've rebuilt a little bit, but we've got to see what we've got here."

Basically this is what that means, "well I'm not going to make bad news or take another shot at the front office by saying we really didn't do much, so I'll just say we did a little but I don't want to lie either."

Back in January, Rodgers said that the Packers needed to "reload", a comment I believe was accurately directed towards Ted Thompson's lack of free agent signings.

The Packers definitely didn't do anything to "reload" this off-season and if I'm Rodgers, I would make a stink about it. He's the LeBron James of the NFL. He's the most valuable player every year despite whose voted MVP, but he can't do it alone.

My message has been simple for the past four years: get. the. guy. some. damn. help. 

Yeah they signed Martellus Bennett and yeah they drafted cornerback Kevin King first round but what they really needed to do was signed some proven defensive talent.

Unless the Packers do some wheeling and dealing before the season starts, they will likely find themselves falling just short of the Super Bowl once again. As a guy who bleeds green and yellow, I wouldn't be upset if Rodgers made an issue with the lack of help surrounding him.

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