According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Steve Nash will not only sit out the 2014-2015 season, but he will retire from the NBA as well.

As I was doing my radio show on Thursday, I got a text from long time national handicapper Alex Blasscyk.  He explained to me that he had information on Steve Nash retiring.

This was 4:47pmCT on Thursday, October 23rd.

I continued to text and gather information on the story behind the story.  From that source, I was able to get the following information.

Antawn Jamison that he would retire.  I was led to believe that Time Warner Sportsnet was holding on to the story out of courtesy to their partner, the Los Angeles Lakers, until they officially release a statement on the future of Steve Nash outside this year.

Steve has publicly been on the record saying that he would not retire because he wasn't going to walk about from that kind of money and his pay check.

With the latest injury, it seems as even in the mind of the ultimate fighter that is Steve Nash, that this road has finally come to an end.

He also has a documentary coming out that details his long battle with injuries over the last two seasons accompanied with a in-depth look at his mental struggle with seeing his Hall of Fame skills diminish.

Next step... wait for the official announcement from Steve Nash or the Lakers once the buyout is reached.