In a move that really doesn't surprise many, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is going to plead not guilty to his child abuse charges tomorrow as he appears before the court, according to Ben Goessling of

The move by Peterson almost seemingly cements his 2014 NFL season as a lost one, because the Vikings have made it clear that he would not be returning until his case is resolved and without a plea deal, a resolution doesn't seem on the horizon.

This all comes a day after the Star Tribune wrote a in depth piece on the image of Adrian Peterson and how his personal life was much more than what he wanted the public to see.

Many are also questioning why Peterson wont plea out and try and salvage a part of the 2014 year.  From fans, to analysts to casual observers, all are wondering the motives of AP.

My personal opinion is that it is a combination of his stupidity and stubbornness.  Here is a individual who thinks what he did was ok and that this is the way smart, considerate humans behave in regards to parenting.

Clearly that is not the way most of society works and the extreme backlash towards him has been evident of the public's distant for that kind of treatment towards children.

With a conviction, Peterson could face six months to two years in prison, although many believe a first time offender such as AP would receive probation from the courts.

In addition, even though he is currently on the Commissioners Exempt List, Peterson could face up to a 6 game suspension from the NFL's new Domestic Violence policy.

Adrian Peterson's court date is set for 10amET on Wednesday in a Montgomery County Court in Texas.


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