Last week Drew Brees decided to take a question about police brutality and social injustice and infuse the National Anthem in his response.

That response included a statement that Brees proclaimed he wouldn't ever approve of someone "disrespecting the flag".

In turn for those insensitive comments, Brees received extreme backlash from many including his teammates and he eventually apologized multiple times while promising to affect change.

He went even so far to respond to President Trump in criticism of the way the President is looking at this issue and asked him to change his stance as well.

From there you knew the conversation about protests this Fall would come up and that players in all leagues would be looking at how they could have a peaceful impact on change by using their own specific platforms.

One of the first to publicly discuss their plans to protest this NFL season is Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson says he will "without a doubt" kneel during the National Anthem this Fall.

Peterson's career has including child abuse allegations and an eventual plea and suspension so there will always be a different thought in the minds of some about Peterson regardless of the cause or motive.

That said, this situation is completely different and should be evaluated as such with Peterson taking a personal stance against something that clearly he cares about.

It is going to be interesting to see the different ways professional athletes throughout all leagues use their platforms during games.

Whether it is kneeling during the anthem to community projects, criminal justice reform initiatives, other protests, and more, it is clear they are willing and able to affect real change.

It also appears not only are the athletes throughout sports willing to stand up once again, it appears this time the leagues are willing to listen and hopefully that continues much longer than just this Fall.


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