Last night Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond missed an outrageous amount of free throws. 23 to be exact which is now the NBA record for a single game.

Drummond went 13-36 from the line which is a Detroit Pistons franchise record for most free throw attempts in a game. He still finished the game with 17 points (2-4 from the field) and 11 rebounds as the Pistons snuck by the Houston Rockets 123 to 114.

The Rockets obviously came into the game planning on hacking Drummond. He only got off four total shots from the field. As an NBA player, how do not at least shoot 60 percent from the free throw line? That's 6 out 10 for the non math people out there.

Drummond, 22, was selected to his first All Star Game this season and is currently in the argument as one of the best centers in the game. He left 23 points at the free throw line, that's not something top tier players do. Steph Curry has miss 23 free throws the ENTIRE year.

After last night's performance Drummond now leads the league in worst field goal percentage at 35.5 percent. DeAndre Jordan is the next closest player but he's at 41.5 percent on the year. Followed by Hassan Whiteside at 54.2 percent and Dwight Howard with 55.1 percent.

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