Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots have won six Super Bowls since he took over as owner, so if anyone has a Super Bowl ring to spare, it is the Patriots owner.

On Thursday night, Kraft's Super Bowl LI ring was able to fetch $1.025 million on the All In Challenge Auction as they raise money for feeding people in need.

Kraft said that since that Super Bowl was improbable to win against the Falcons after New England fell down by double digits at halftime that he felt it was only fitting to help a great cause with the ring he didn't think he would get.

"What could I do that would be special? I've been thinking about it for weeks. I finally thought about our experience in Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons. We were down 28-3 [in the third quarter] and had 99.6% [odds] to lose. And we came back, and we won. And I thought about what is going on at this time and wanted to give something of extreme value in support of our health care workers. So I thought it would be good to give this ring, our fifth Super Bowl win, because it showed how we came back."

If you think about what he is saying, this ring was a perfect fit for an auction like this in order to help others in need who desperately need the assistance.

The winning bidder wasn't made public, but the ring garnered 35 bids over 12 days and went from a starting price of $75,000 to $1.025 million when the bidding concluded.

In addition to the ring, the winner gets flown to on the Pats private jet to meet and hang out with Kraft.

The All In Challenge was created to help feed those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic and has seen countless numbers of donations for one of a kind experiences with athletes and celebrities.

Additionally, they have created raffle like items so the average person can have a shot at these amazing auction packages.

Some items include Private Putting with Tiger Woods, Tickets to Saturday Night Live, a Zoom hour with Kathy Lee Gifford, Dinner with Albert Pujols and so much more.

To date, they have raised over $45 million and have had over 810,000 donations for a great cause.

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