Bud Light has provided Cleveland Browns fans a chance to get free beer, but a streak must end prior to that happening.

The Anheuser-Busch company has put their Bud Light beer on the line and has issued a challenge to the Cleveland Browns. That challenge is as easy as winning one game. The Browns have not won a game since December 24, 2016 when they defeated the (then) San Diego Chargers 20-17.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Bud Light has issued "victory fridges" across the city of Cleveland. The fridges are stocked full of Bud Light and are only to be unlocked and opened if/when the Cleveland Browns win a regular season game. Sorry, the preseason does not count.

Once a win is secured, the fridge will be opened in the bar it is located at. From that point on a Super Bowl like celebration will take place with people rushing to the fridges to claim their free beer.

Dilly, Dilly.

The Cleveland Browns have won a total of four games over the last three seasons. Three of those wins came during 2015. Cleveland is 1-31 over the last two years.

Cleveland will open the season on September 9 as they host division rival Pittsburgh.

I'm just hoping we can send our former intern Chizzy, who is a huge Browns fan, out to Cleveland to take part of the celebration...If that celebration even takes place.