How is it that when we first are introduced to the water we're told to dog paddle? Yep, Man's Best Friend is the original swimming lesson teacher.

So, it's only appropriate that we give our 4-legged friends however much time they want to splash around and show off their best aquatic talents by inviting them to the Sioux Falls free Swimming Gone to the Dogs events.

Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation has marked off two dates before the end of the swimming season. Tuesday, August 10 at Laurel Oak swimming pool and Tuesday, September 7 at Terrace Park swimming pool. Both events will run from 5:30 PM-7:30 PM. No registration is required and dogs must be current with their shots.

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Here's another head-scratcher; why are dog owners only allowed to bring two dogs when the dogs can bring as many family members they choose?

And what tastes better than an ice cream cone after swimming? Plan your going-home route with a trip to Milky Way. Yes, for the dogs!

By the way, here is a schedule of the Sioux Falls swimming pool closings:

Sunday, August 8 Laurel Oak Family Aquatic Center
Sunday, August 8 Kuehn Pool
Sunday, August 15 Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center
Sunday, September 5 Terrace Park Family Aquatic Center

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