Can the Minnesota Twins still make the playoffs this year?

The short answer is yes, but the real story is much longer.

Coming into the 2021 MLB season, the Twins were considered not only contenders for the AL Central title, but many pegged them as a team to watch out for come the postseason.

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The combination of winning the division a year ago, returning a lot of the same faces and hopes of big steps for their young core, had both the fans and organization hoping for big things this season.

Clearly, it has been anything but that for Minnesota so far and time is running out on their hopes of making a trip back to the postseason.

Minnesota currently sits in the basement of the division and any traction they get seems to be spoiled by a bad game the following day.

The schedule had worked in Minnesota's favor at the end of May and beginning of June with 13 games against Kansas City and Baltimore, but after going 6-7, the Twins didn't make any movement in the standings.

Now the schedule is uber tough over the next week with the series continuing against New York and the Astros waiting in the wings.

There will be some reinforcements coming back from an injury like Bryon Buxton who was on a tear before his most recent trip to the IL and others but they will have to have a huge impact to turn this around.

The front office is hoping they do so on the field as soon as possible or they will have to make some tough decisions on whether to sell or not come to the trade deadline.

Minnesota's season isn't over, but it is far from being successful and an immediate turnaround is the only thing that will save this year for the Twins.

For more information on the Minnesota Twins, their roster, and their upcoming games, you can visit their website.


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