As an automotive enthusiast, I have seen many modifications made to cars and trucks over the years. Some are done nicely and others leave me shaking my head.

I stumbled across this interesting "modification" done to a driver's seat on a late model Ford Edge. To say it's a modification probably isn't correct, it's more like "what were you thinking?"

A man was driving his Edge in Ontario, Canada when he was pulled over by police. Officers quickly noticed that the driver's seat had been removed and replace with a lawn chair. Yes, a folding lawn chair in place of a leather seat.

Why? It's not known exactly, maybe alcohol is involved? This is the kind of thing I would expect Florida Man to do, but not any of our friendly neighbors up north.

Police impounded the Edge and 'Canada Man' was ticketed for unsafe vehicle operation and driving with an inoperative seat belt.

My only questions are where is the factory seat and why was it removed?

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