If you've ever wanted to give our society the benefit of the doubt when it comes to our addiction to cell phones, this video will confirm that there is no hope.

Seconds after Marvin Jones' recent bout with Ramon Luis Nicolas in began in Arcadia, Florida, something hit the mat. Not one of the boxers, rather it was Jones' cell phone, which had been tucked away in his boxing shorts. What on earth would compel a man to bring a cellphone into a boxing ring? Was he planning on using it at some point to call Uber in case the fight got over early? Using GPS to avoid a left jab? Perhaps all of the lockers were full?

Not sure which is more embarrassing, this incident, or Jones' record as a boxer. After this defeat, his overall mark is 2-5 with four straight losses.

Maybe the next time he's laying on the canvas he can use that phone to Google "boxing lessons".

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