You always know Charles Barkley is good for a few quotes every time he cracks a mic and we didn't even have to wait for the NBA season to start before Charles Barkley started in on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Barkley during a TNT conference call on Monday said this about the Lakers "The Lakers are the fourth-best team in California. They lucky the Sparks ain't playing, they'd be the fifth."

Some harsh words for fans in LA LA land but the truth is regardless of how Charles were to say it, the Lakers are really really bad right now.

So many questions surround this franchise as Kobe returns from yet another injury, the first pick for the Lakers a year ago in Julius Randall is returning from a major injury, so many new faces including what the Lakers hope is the future star in De'Angelo Russell.

But the future isn't now and the immediate future is going to be dreadful for the fans to watch in LA.

The Clippers are the best team in that town, the Warriors are the best team in that state and sadly enough, the Kings as bad as they might be are still better than the Lakers.

So as Barkley garners headlines with his comments on the Lakers, unfortuneatly for the Lakers, that may be the only kind of headlines they get this year.

My Lakers prediction for the 2015-2016 season is 32-50 and of course miss the playoffs once again this year.


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