Two sports have been added to the list of recognized sports by the International Olympic Committee.

The IOC announced on Tuesday that cheerleading and the martial art of muaythai are the two new additions, out of 16 sports that applied.

However, that doesn’t mean you will be seeing them in the Olympic games just yet.

They’re now in a three year provisional program. This means they can take part in some programs, including athlete development and anti-doping. The governing body for each sport will also receive at least $25,000 each year from the IOC, with potential opportunities for further grant money.

At any time during the provisional period each sport could be voted into full recognition by the IOC, and then further petition to be in an official Olympic games.

Cheerleading has a huge following, now worldwide. The international cheer union has almost 4.5 million registered athletes. Muaythai has nearly 400,000.

The addition of cheerleading and muaythai now brings the number of sports recognized by the Olympics to 37.


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