Humility is something more sports fans need to experience and 101 of them experienced it on Saturday in Chicago.

101 fans showed up at Goose Island Beer Co.'s Fulton Street location in Chicago to attempt .a 43 yard field just like Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed last week in the playoffs.

If you were able to make the field, Goose Island would give you free beer for the year.

After all the kicks were complete, Goose Island didn't have to hand out any free beer for the year, as all 101 kickers missed the field goals.

Even ESPN's Mike Golic Jr. took a stab at kicking the 43 yard field goal and it went the same for him as everyone else.

Even though none of the fans knocked in a field to win beer for the year, there were winners on Saturday as Goose Island Brewing Co. is donating $20,000 to the Children's Hospital of Cody Parkey's choice.

A very cool contest with a very cool ending showed a lot of people that making that field wasn't as easy as the fans in the stands thought.


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