UPDATE: After a heated Twitter debate - which you can read below - Jeff Thurn welcomed country singer Kip Moore to the show to discuss their differences over ticket scalping, and, more specifically, legal ticket brokers.

Though the interview was obviously a tense one, the two managed to keep things civil, and even managed to agree on a few - a few - things.

It is a known fact that country singer Kip Moore does not like scalpers or ticket brokers. A fact that was brought home recently when the singer offered a scalper $1,000 to come to one of his shows so they could "settle" their differences.

You can check out that epic rant here. You can't check it out on Moore's Twitter account, because they have been deleted.

Well, it doesn't end there. ESPN 99.1's Jeff Thurn got into it after posting a tweet about the story:

Thurn then proceeded to get into it with Moore's fans, who took issue with his comments.

And that's were it got ugly. Apparently it got back to Moore, who then proceeded to rant against Jeff, and it got personal. The posts - once again - were deleted from Moore's account, but this is, after all the internet, where nothing ever goes away. Below is the text from Moore's posts (WARNING: NSFW):

    @JtESPN991 that's where u don't know shit..I set the prices w my agents. I realize u think ur smart but ur so off base.
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

@JtESPN991 I set that price to give everyone a chance at a show, scaled back production and damn sure don't have pr telling me to
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

@JtESPN991 not talking any further w a moron...but I'm sure you'll like the attention your about to get
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

@JtESPN991 ur damn rt I do.I work tireless hours at my craft. People that sit around and buy my tics just to sell them at outrageous price
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

@JtESPN991 is not cool.. Buying up 20 seats and screwing my fans rubs me wrong and makes me wanna have this convo in person w u to
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

@JtESPN991 always gonna b a punk like u in this world..u don't know anything bout me. Done w this. Hope to c ya round the bend
— Kip Moore (@KipMooreMusic) July 13, 2014

Below are Thurn's responses. (NOTE: with Moore's posts deleted it was hard to figure out which responses where to which comments, so we posted them separately to avoid any misrepresentation. However, you can sort of figure it out):

Apparently, however, he isn't done. Jeff Thurn recently announced on his Twitter account that the singer had agreed to appear on his show on Monday to continue the "discussion."

Should make for a lively discussion!

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