Curtis Conway joined Wednesday's edition of Overtime Live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

Conway (@CurtisConway80) played 12 years in the NFL for Chicago, San Diego, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers. He now works for the Pac-12 Network, NFL Network, and Compass Media Networks. Hear his interview with Thurn right here:

Would Conway draft Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston? 

"Man you know what, that's tough. I've been going back and forth with this because it's a huge question. I think Marcus is a guy you have to groom. I think if you give him two or three years, which I think most quarterbacks need. If you give him that much time. He can be that guy. Jameis Winston is ready right now. If you need someone to step in and you don't want to wait, he's the guy right now. I think if you're Lovie Smith (in Tampa Bay), I think if anyone could be a good mentor and a good head coach for Jameis Winston, it would be a guy like Lovie Smith. So I don't see Tampa shying away from that because I think they have the right person in place to try and keep in check. There's nothing Lovie can do when he (Jameis) leaves the facility. But facing a coach like Lovie, who can pull him aside and really get in his ear, and be real with him, it's not political and I'm not trying to just be your head coach. I am a guy that is really looking out and understands where you come from. I understand when you are jiving me around or not. Don't go there. I think Lovie would be perfect for him (Jameis)."

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