A motorcyclist and his dog is lucky to be alive after a scary incident on Tuesday.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol posted photos on its Facebook page describing how a dog fell off a motorcycle and caused the biker to crash.

The motorcyclist was traveling on I-90 about five miles west of Wasta, not far from Rapid City. They were attempting to adjust the dog carrier mounted on the bike when he accidentally opened the gate and the dog, Brody, jumped out and onto the pavement while traveling at 80 miles per hour. After the dog left the bike, the biker lost control of the bike and laid the bike down.

Brody was picked up by a passerby who put him in their car. He miraculously survived relatively unhurt, at least as far as you can tell from the photo. The motorcyclist also survived the accident and only had minor injuries.

South Dakota Highway Patrol via Facebook
South Dakota Highway Patrol via Facebook

If you are reading this and thinking "carrying a dog on a motorcycle?" you aren't alone, I was thinking the same thing. I used to ride motorcycles a lot and I never recalled anyone I knew riding with a dog on the bike. As it turns out people do it all the time, but it isn't always a great idea.

Progressive posted a list of tips to help you out if you want to take you dog on your hog. The first, and most obvious, was to make sure your dog fits on the bike. A Mastiff is probably not a good idea. Using a carrier, or even cooler, a side car that is designed for a dog is the way to go. You should also warm the canine up to the idea of riding on a motorcycle by taking short rides before a long one. You should also get the same protective gear you would wear, like a helmet, dog goggles, even a jacket since it can get chilly on a bike even if it's fairly warm out. They also suggest plenty of supplies for the puppy muffin.

Or if this sounds like a hassle, leave the dog with a friend.

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