Spending an afternoon in one of Sioux Falls's 80+ parks can be a fun and relaxing time. Walking among the tall trees. Taking in the beauty of the flowers. Walking, swimming, and biking. Or, a taking a snooze in your lounge chair while the birds sing to you. I think you'll agree that we have some of the best parks in the state that include recreational trails, disc golf, pickleball, tennis, swimming, ice rinks, and skating.

Gathering your friends for a gathering around a cooler full of beverages sounds like a good time as we head into the heart of summer. But, can you drink alcohol in Sioux Falls city parks?

Yes, you can. However, there are exceptions.

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According to the Sioux Fall Parks & Recreation website,

"Consumption of alcoholic beverages including beer and wine is allowed in non-glass containers in all parks, except the following. Alcohol is prohibited at Arrowhead, Falls, Fawick, Heritage, Kenny Anderson, Lyon, McKennan, Pasley, Tomar, Tuthill, Veterans’ Memorial, and Whittier Parks. No alcohol other than malt beverage is allowed in any park."

Now that you have the green light just remember the many other rules that Sioux Falls wants you to follow.

One of the most important would be cleaning up after yourself. Garbage cans and recycling containers for plastics, tin, and aluminum are available at each shelter location.

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