I've often been told for as long as I can remember that I look like my dad, Tom.  I don't really dispute this, except when it comes photos of him in his youth and young adulthood, mostly because he was so skinny it would be tough to claim we were relation.

Now FaceApp is all the rage for the next 15 minutes. No doubt you have seen your friends post pics of themselves old, young, or as a bearded lady. I had my mom send me a quick morning portrait of my old man, who was no doubt he was slurping coffee and watching weather radar on his iPad in the exact spot she took the pic, and send it to me.

Below are the results and they are uncanny. It turned the photo of me into an incredible likeness of my father.

Andy Erickson/Linda Erickson/FaceApp
Andy Erickson/Linda Erickson/FaceApp


I could already tell I was going to have the same chin as my dad, but this freaked me out.

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