Every year during NBA All Star Weekend, you get the sports fans who fall in love with the Dunk Contest or enjoy seeing the best athletes in any sport compete on the same court or they just appreciate the pageantry that All Star Weekend brings.

The other side of the coin is the sports fans who lose their mind or flat out refuse to watch the NBA All Star festivities.

My advice is simple... Fans should embrace the All Star Game and the weekend as an exhibition of fun and excitement.

With a chance to see the stars of tomorrow on Friday night with the Rising Stars game, to the Saturday night festivities to the game itself, all of it is fun, nothing about it isn't and it gets annoying when some fans have to be such curmudgeons.

The most annoying argument is that there is no defense in the All Star Game.

Some of that is obviously true, but I don't tune into any all star event in any sport to see the defensive exploits of my favorite player.  I want dunks and 3's in my NBA All Star Game.

The one thing I do like about the lack of defense in the All Star Game is that you truly get to appreciate how much defense is played night to night in the NBA and how good these guys are at defense.

Think about when the average regular season game has teams each scoring around 100 points per game while the All Star Game features scoring of around 175 + points per team. You are essentially seeing a 150 more points of defense in each NBA game vs what you see in a All Star Game.

Sometimes change can cause people to freak out and I think that is the culprit here as fans want the same old product every time they tune in, but if you would just go in with the mindset to enjoy the entertainment, the All Star festivities are a home run and must see TV.


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