If your office is outdoors good for you. I'm sure you'll agree that getting outside is so much better than being tied to a desk inside.

When summer rolls around there are plenty of outside chores to take care of. I take advantage of the long summer days by cracking open the backdoor around 5:30 AM on the weekend. Yes, on purpose. It's the best time of the day in my opinion.

With the lawn to take care of, garden, and flowers, it takes up much of the day. And, when spending that much time outside, protection from the sun is my first priority.

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After having bouts with skin cancer over the years slopping on some SPF-50 before walking out the door is most important.

That's just one of the big Five S's.

When you scan the website Skcin.org you'll discover one of the best routines for preparing for a long day out in the sun.

SLIP on a t-shirt. There are many companies now that make UPF-rated clothing. Shirts, hats, pants.

SLOP on SPF 30+ broad spectrum UVA sunscreen. Apply before going outside, and make sure to repeat often.

SLAP on a broad-brimmed hat. You don't have to be a fashionista to protect your head. Something with a large brim. And, UPF rated if possible.

SLIDE on quality sunglasses. Again, you won't break the bank if you only choose good eyewear with high EPF protection.

SHADE from the sun whenever possible. Take breaks under the trees, umbrellas, inside a cool vehicle, or indoors.

Has anyone ever said to you, "You need to get out in the sun more!" Just remember those 5 S's.

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