The WWE is bringing one of their television shows to South Dakota for the first time tonight with Smackdown Live in Sioux Falls. Here's what to expect.

We have had the opportunity to host the WWE here in Sioux Falls on an almost yearly basis dating back to 2002. Each of those shows have been just standard house shows and not their televised events.

If you've not attended a WWE televised event before and are attending the show tonight, here's five things to expect.

1) Dark Matches

The official start time on the ticket says 6:45. The reason being is that the WWE typically holds a dark match before the show begins to get the crowd involved early. After the dark match, they will make a few announcements, cut in on USA Network, and then go live right at 7:00.

That's not all though. Typically after the show ends, the crowd is also given a dark match featuring the bigger stars on the card. Tonight's advertised "main event" match is Randy Orton/AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura  vs. Jinder Mahal/Kevin Owens/Baron Corbin.

2) The Stage, Lights, and Cameras

Everything that you see on TV will be on hand tonight inside the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. The stage will be set up, the lights will be strung up, and the cameras will be zooming around the venue. Pyro might not happen with the fact that WWE has really cut down on the use since Wrestlemania. But take a standard house show and put it on 10x steroids and you'll have the look for tonight.

3) There will be a little bit of downtime

Yes, they do have commercial breaks to fill. Most of the time the PREMIER Center will go dark with a video playing to help bridge the break. Other times a match might be going on and you won't even know that they went to a commercial. In other words, you will have a chance to run and use the restroom without missing something.

4) The show isn't over after Smackdown Live ends at 9:00

WWE Smackdown Live is on television from 7:00-9:00, however, they won't be done with the evening at that time. WWE will air their cruiserweight show 205 Live (WWE Network) starting at 9:00. The end of show dark match would take place following the conclusion of 205 Live.

5) The energy will be much higher

This is the fun part. People in general get more excited for a televised show instead of a standard house show. Make some noise and have a blast of a time. Hit the merchandise stand earlier than you would for a standard house show, as people are more inclined to purchase merchandise at these events (and there is usually a lot more merchandise at TV shows). Otherwise enjoy the show...

and don't be that person that blocks the people behind you with your terrible sign (sorry, I've seen it happen many times).

Enjoy WWE Smackdown Live tonight at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. Tickets are still available at the PREMIER Center box office and on Ticketmaster.

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