The promise of 1,000 jobs and a shot in the arm to the Sioux Falls economy, the Amazon Fulfillment Center was a huge score for the city and the state.

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But with a slowing US economy and record-high inflation, consumers are not consuming in the same numbers they were back when the stimulus checks were flowing like water into American bank accounts.

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Now consumers are pulling back on non-discretionary spending and that's an issue considering that 70% of the US economy is dependent upon people spending money. Because of this, large retailers like Amazon are pulling back on their spending as well.

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It was recently reported that Amazon was going to delay the opening of the completed Sioux Falls fulfillment center until 2024. Other newly completed centers around the country were also put on hold.

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While the future opening date of the completed Sioux Falls center is up in the air, we can relive the construction of one of the largest and most expensive private projects in South Dakota history. Check out this cool drone footage from last April taken just as the huge facility was beginning to take shape.

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