What Does That Mean??!!

No, of course, you shouldn't give up making it a point to shop small businesses in Sioux Falls on "Small Business Saturday". We all just need to do it more often than just one Saturday in November.

It really is as easy as choosing one local business (or more) every week - - to visit in-person, or at their website and do a smidge of shopping. I remember family Christmases in the past, where my sister and brother-in-law's friends in Alaska would send them some truly unique gifts made and sold there.

They were always fun to see and many of them still reside in their home. In particular, a pizza cutter made with an elkhorn (I think) handle. In any case, they still use it every time they have pizza and think of their friends.

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What's the Importance of Shopping Local?

The effects of shopping local are long-lasting!. By doing so, you're supporting the people who support your car washes, bake sales, and other fundraisers. They bring purpose and meaning to their employees' lives and offer a familiarity that just isn't possible at a big box store.

South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA) Executive Director Nathan Sanderson says, "We encourage shoppers to look within their community for unique, memorable gifting opportunities."

Dick Murphy from Mrs. Murphy's Irish Gifts in downtown Sioux Falls says:

"People took to heart messages to support their local businesses, not just on Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls but all across the region,"

He says customers are upbeat and enjoying the local shopping experience.

"People are seeking products that give them that sense that it's going to last for some time. They want to give a gift that has that quality." - Dick Murphy/Mrs. Murphy's Irish Gifts

Another small business owner in Rapid City has a similar philosophy about shoppers this Christmas 2020 shopping season.

"They are actively seeking items that will be a lifetime product rather than something that is just good enough to get them by for a while" -Ashley Berry/ Owner of 'Someone's in the Kitchen'

Shop for someone else, shop for yourself, but please shop local.

Source: South Dakota Retailers Association

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