Big Ten Network anaylst Gerry DiNardo joins Tuesday’s edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn .

DiNardo (@gerrydinardo) covers the Big Ten for BTN. Hear his conversation with Thurn below:

How good can the Minnesota Gophers be in football this season? 

"Well you always have a chance. Obviously, the schedule and I tweeted this the other day, there's two seasons left. The Purdue, Illinois season, and then they take a week off and go iowa, Ohio State, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Can they beat all those teams? I don't think there's any question they can, but the question is can they beat all in the same year, rat, a tat tat in a row? Are they capable? They are, but that's a tough schedule for anybody. For Gopher fans, this could be the special year. I mean Jerry Kill has done things a lot of people didn't think he could do. So, why would we ever put a ceiling on it?

The Gophers are 5-1, 2-0 in the Big Ten currently.

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