South Dakota State and USD Football fans need to make note of a big change that was made in the FCS College Football world over the weekend.

Per, the Football Conference Subdivision (FCS) is making a big chance in regard to their title game in 2024 and beyond.

The past two seasons, the FCS Title game has been played on a late season NFL Sunday, negatively impacting its viewership.

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Now, it will be played on a Monday Night.

Here's the official announcement via Twitter:

Fans might clamor and say: "Why Monday?" Monday might not be the best option out there, but it will surely be better than going head-to-head with the NFL on a Sunday:

Per Sports Business Journal, television ratings for the 2023 FCS Championship were 1.04 million. That was a three percent decline from the previous season (1.07 million viewers) when the game was also played on a Sunday. The 2021 FCS Championship, the last one to be played on a Saturday, received 1.32 million viewers.

The best part of the news? ESPN will have the coverage of the big game.

Source: and NCAA FCS Football on Twitter

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