A local family was dealt an unimaginable blow on Saturday, as a 10-year-old boy drowned in the Big Sioux River after saving his sister, who fell in herself.

Ricky Lee Sneve died a hero over the weekend after rescuing his sister who, along with another sibling, fell into the water. Ricky's father jumped in to help save the kids, as did Ricky. Sadly, after saving his sister, Ricky drowned in the Big Sioux River.

In light of these tragic events, Ricky's uncle set up a GoFundMe page on Sunday to help his sister cover costs during this difficult time. At the time of the publishing of this article, the GoFundMe page has raised nearly $24,000 dollars for the family.

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According to Ricky Lee's uncle (also named Ricky), he was a one-of-a-kind kid:

He’d do anything to help his mom or anyone at that,  without ever being asked. Ricky gave his life trying to do what he knew was best. Please help my sister Nicole have some relief in these absolutely difficult times. All donations will be sent to her relief.

-Ricky Eufers via GoFundMe

With the outpouring of support from the community (and what's surely still to come) this 10-year-old hero will never be forgotten.

For the story on how little 10-year-old Ricky Lee Sneve lost his life, click here for the article from Dakota News Now.

Also, if you would like to help out by making a monetary donation to the family to help cover expenses at this time, consider donating on their GoFundMe page here.

Story Source: GoFundMe

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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