I've been to a lot of wedding dances. But I've never seen a groom this rude. I mean at best it's rude at most it's a very troubling sign of things to come for the couple.

In a TikTok video that is getting a lot of response, you can see a bride playfully feeding her new husband a piece of wedding cake and wiping some of it on his face.

The groom responds by picking up the whole 3-tiered wedding cake and pelting his new wife in the face with it.

Kelsboyd3 posted a clip on his TikTok account. He thought he was really funny. You can see by these responses posted on Youtube that not everyone thinks he is as cool as he thinks he is...

White Dove: Bride, you must be desperate, he was not even hugging you, that did hurt, you would not admit it, I was there...he is always a jerk. You should watch this again in slow motion.

Yoda: Oh she’s gonna remember this at their divorce hearings.

The TJ Show: She is heavily attracted to him so is blatantly ignoring the red flags....look how she is kneeling into him, pushing her body towards him. Signs of massive attraction. She knows he's rough. And will most likely regret it once the bruises show and the odd bone breaks here and there....

Line Dazer: She tickles he punches?

Therese Nydahl: She married the wrong guy

RH: Omggggggg that's not good! The entire cake! That showed major anger! You can see she was trying to rescue the moment, but he wasn't having it. He embarrassed that poor woman on her wedding day! Disgraceful!

Litrentaart: Let's see sleeve tattoos man bun, big guy untucked shirt. well she's gonna be in a world of hurt .wheres her family. her dad, brothers. slammed with a cake next to a fist.

Dawn R: That's assault in any country, !!!!! I just bet he says he was drunk and didn't mean it, it will never happen again blah blah blah.

Allie Barnett: would have left him at the reception and gone to an Atty to get annulment papers. Let him sign them in front of everyone. This guy is a FREAK! If that made him mad then he will end up killing her over nothing. She better cut her losses now. He doesn’t look like a good catch anyway. PLEASE LEAVE THIS FREAK BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS WITH HIM! RUN!!

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