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Keeping cool and hydrated during a long dry and hot period should be on your mind this week. The heat dome that has settled over much of the country is moving into the region.

The United States isn't alone with these soaring temperatures. There are record-breaking temperatures all across Europe, wildfires raging in Canada, and then there are the New England states with flooding.

Closer to home the heat wave is about to settle in this week for South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Last week the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls advised us to be prepared for above-normal temperatures and increased risks for excessive heat.

You've heard the reference, but do you know what a Heat Dome is? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has the perfect learning tool.

How long will this Heat Dome have its grip on us? This report indicates it could last into August.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service


Limiting your time outside, finding shade, lots and lots of water, and ice cream, and enjoying the swimming pool of your choice are some of the best ways to beat the heat.

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National Weather Service
National Weather Service


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