There is no denying that the month of November is truly one of the best months to shop for - - anything! I mean this month is the home of Black Friday, for crying out loud!

That being said, plus the realities of COVID-19, have led to a whole lot of online shopping of early Black Friday deals. So if you are already finished with your holiday shopping, and you saved money doing it, you're ahead of the game. But for the rest of us, it's good to know that there are still bargains galore out there.

Consumer Reports (CR) tracks prices on products year-round and has a long list of items that should be deeply discounted in November. For you, your home, your family, or for friends, whether they're necessities or gifts you can save on these items and many more.

  • Washers & Dryers - These regularly go on sale at the end of the year as retailers look to clear out inventory. But matched sets aren't always the best buy - quality-wise, so as always, do your homework.
  • Wall Ovens & Ranges - Thanks to the oncoming holidays, you also might find decent deals on these two products. CR advises staying with a similar make and model to reduce the number of hassles you could face switching from electric to gas and vice-versa.
  • Refrigerators - There are so many different styles, including the new smart fridges, and the number of features can just simply be daunting. So make sure you know what features and frills you just have to have in a new refrigerator before you start shopping.
  • Flooring - This product may be a surprising entry on the "November Best Buys List", but a welcome one if you're remodeling, or planning to, because flooring is one of your larger renovation expenses.
  • Televisions - You really don't need to be told this is a good time to replace that old, "unsmart" TV and save a lot of jing doing it. But shop around and make sure you decide which features you want and study their ratings before you buy.
  • Computers, laptops, and tablets - Yes there are some very nice savings to be had in all three of these product categories.

This is a very short list of products which you can save money on this month. You can see the complete list at Consumer Reports online.

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