Do you know anyone who doesn't love monkeys? If you do, they are not your friend. It's time to play “Name That Monkey”!

The Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History team is ready to name its baby squirrel monkey.

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The GPZ Animal Care team has narrowed it down to four choices:

  • NJ (Ned Jr, in honor of father, Ned)
  • Miri
  • Lolo
  • Caco

You can vote for your favorite name starting Tuesday at Each vote costs $5 and will contribute to enrichment for GPZ primates.

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Voting is open March 1 – 15. The Great Plains Zoo will announce the winning name Friday, March 18.

The baby was born overnight Jan. 31-Feb. 1 to mother Daphne, is thriving. Because the baby appears healthy and is still tightly riding on mom’s back, or clinging to her front while nursing, they do not know the sex of the baby.

The veterinary team continues to give them space to bond uninterrupted. Squirrel monkey babies ride on their mother’s back for approximately 10 weeks, before slowly beginning to explore on their own.

They remain dependent on their mother for 10-12 months.

The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls is open all year, with many animals on exhibit both indoors and throughout the Zoo grounds.

You can also enjoy weekly education programs and a collection of fascinating and rare taxidermy specimens in the Delbridge Museum of Natural History.

The gift shop features a snack bar offering a variety of coffee drinks and more.

For more information on the animals living at GPZ, visit

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