He's pulled more turns as a coach than a pro wrestler. Jason Kidd has turned back to being the bad guy after attempting to make a power move that has now landed him in Milwaukee.

Yes, he is excited about it. Let's go back though. It wasn't too long ago that Kidd became the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, to a lot of love in New York, only to bring the team to a 10-21 record to start. He was quickly on the verge of being fired and becoming the next Gatorade court sweeper. The New York media quickly jumped all over him.

Luckily for him, he had a lot of veterans on his squad that were able to help him turn the ship back around. The Nets would go on to make the NBA Playoffs and Kidd became a "good coach" once again in the eyes of New York.

Enter Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher. Both guys received coaching contracts worth more than Kidd, which has now caused Kidd to go power crazy. Instead of going to his head boss to ask for a pay raise, Kidd went into the office demanding POWER.

Instead he pushed his way out and now is going to coach the Milwaukee Bucks. If it works for him, then sure. He's also going from the New York market to Milwaukee. No offense to Milwaukee, but if you give NBA players the option to be in either market most would take New York. Not to mention, the money won't be as available and free flowing but he's got the deal that he wants.

People in New York have turned Kidd back to villain and have pushed him out the door. Milwaukee is welcoming him with open arms, and according to Yahoo Sports, they are giving the Nets two second round draft picks (2015, 2019) in order to get him. Yahoo also reports that the Bucks didn't even give Larry Drew an opportunity to keep his job. That's the business world, and I won't fault the Bucks for making that decision, but it puts the Bucks on the same level as Kidd right now in public perception.

Of course, all of the drama relating to Kidd/Bucks/Nets saga will die out in the course of time. For now though, Kidd is looked at as a backstabber, Milwaukee is being looked at as the gullible one's looking for a name, while the Nets are searching for a coach.

But even as it works in Pro Wrestling, the recent "bad guy turn" of Jason Kidd might end up being one of the best possible outcomes for him and for the NBA.

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