As a parent of three boys under the age of six, finding open pools and water options in the summer is an essential part of our lives.

This summer though things have been a bit different in Sioux Falls as not all of the public pools have been open due to staffing issues.

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In the Spring, the city of Sioux Falls made it very clear that they were looking for more lifeguards and staff as they warned some pools wouldn't open if staffing positions weren't filled.

Unfortunately, that has been the case and not all of the Sioux Falls pools have been open during a very hot start to the summer.

So how many pools are actually open in Sioux Falls?

Currently, only six of the eight Sioux Falls aquatic facilities are currently open.

Those that are open include the indoor Midco Aquatic Center, Pioneer Spray Park, Kuehn Park, Terrace Park, Drake Springs, and Laurel Oak.

McKennan Park pool and Frank Olson still remain closed due to the above-mentioned staffing issues.

Hopefully sometime this month those will open as well, but if not, the pools around the city will continue to stay quite busy.

For more information on the Sioux Falls pools, their hours, admission prices, and other parks and rec information in the city, you can visit their website. 

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