If you were unable to score an elk tag in South Dakota this year you have another shot at one, albeit, a long shot.

The Department of Game, Fish, and Parks is raffling off an any elk tag, an any deer tag, and an any antelope tag, or a Custer State Park Buffalo hunt to three person to raise money for wildlife habitat in the state. The program is called Hunt for Habitat and is going to raise money for habitat, but the Hunt for Habitat page on the GFP site doesn't detail how the money will be used.

Legislation was passed this year that allows for this new program which was the brain child of Governor Kristi Noem.

Previously it was not allowed under the law for GFP to charge an application fee for any license, which was essentially a lottery ticket. Now you can pay as many application fees as you want to score one of these tags, but GFP is calling them raffle tickets.

So is it worth it to spend money on a bunch of raffle tickets for this? Maybe. Just because I know a lot of people who would never buy one of these, and I lean that way. But the number of cynical hunters in South Dakota is not small and you that might improve your odds.

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