Sadly, it was announced yesterday (January 9, 2022) that Bob Saget was found dead in a Florida hotel room. Very unexpected. I was shocked. I grew up with Bob Saget not only on Full House but also on America's Funniest Home Videos. He continued to do comedy and I was so excited to meet him back in 2018. Below is that original story.


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So, sometimes this job is pretty cool.

Like most people my age, I grew up watching Full House. Bob Saget plays Danny Tanner on Full House, a single Dad with three daughters just trying to make it after the death of his wife. So he calls in reinforcements from his best friend, Joey, and brother-in-law, Jesse.

I'm not sure why I just explained the premise for Full House, like who doesn't know what Full House is? I'm getting off-topic. Anyway, I grew up watching that show and loved when Netflix brought Fuller House to the world. The whole gang was back!

Way before Full House or Danny Tanner, Bob Saget was and still is a comedian. He had a show this past weekend (October 2018) at Grand Falls Casino & Resort. We did a phone interview with Bob that week and he graciously invited us to the show and to stick around to meet him afterward. So, I went.

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I was a little nervous that his 'for mature audiences only' stand-up was going to ruin my whole childhood. I don't want Danny Tanner to talk about 'those' things. But, it wasn't that bad. I left with my childhood intact. His show is definitely still for mature audiences only.

His opener, Mike Young, was on stage for about a half-hour or so. He was pretty funny, making sure to poke fun at all the people showing up late and walking in during his set. That's what you get for being an opener, I guess. This is also the reason I was sure to be early because I did not want to be picked on.

I figured there would be a little downtime between the comics, but Bob came right out after Mike walked off stage.

Bob Saget's brand of humor does get a little dirty at times, but I loved that before or after every unsavory joke he fully acknowledged it was in bad taste or that it was horrible. He interacts with the crowd a lot! This particular show would not have been the same without Kathy, Tony, and Eric. (I believe those were the names.)

Kathy was a drunk woman in the crowd, allegedly getting married to her girlfriend of a year and she worked for the post office in Luverne, Minnesota. Tony was a bro, dude. And Eric was a 38-year-old English major who graduates next month. Bob loved poking fun at how Eric must be dumb because he's 38 and still in college, but turns out Eric has an offer from Boeing to write technical manuals when he graduates. Well, okay then.

Bob ended the show by singing a few parody songs. My favorite was to the tune of Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," but Bob's version was "Danny Tanner Was Not Gay." It was great. Other notable songs were about a dog licking your balls and how we need to be kind to each other. All great messages.

After the show, we got to meet Bob Saget! Bob Saget in person is just as nice as you would think. I got to show him my Danny Tanner pin and he got a kick out of it. He was happy to chat a little and take pictures. He literally took the picture. He is great at selfies and made sure the lighting and backdrops were just right. I guess all those years directing and acting make for a great selfie-taker.

He was even kind enough to take a picture with a girl that wasn't supposed to be there. Her name was not on the list and security was trying to get rid of her, but he obliged and made her day. Or at least I think so, she ran away after the photo was taken.

Bob Saget

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