If I was so lucky one day to see Nebraska football reach the heights of what Iowa football does a year in and year out, I would be ecstatic for all the suffering Husker fans out there.

After the fifth year in a row that the Huskers have been forced to come to grips with the reality that Hawkeye football owns not only the city of Lincoln but the state of Nebraska, the envy should be encouraged.

We all have things that we look up to or idolize and there would be nothing wrong with Husker fans and the program itself to admit Iowa is a perfect blueprint for what Scott Frost should be expected to copy.

Nebraska has better facilities, better financial support, and the better championship resume but even with all those resources, Iowa has been the better football program over the last decade.

Over that ten year span, Iowa has averaged 9.1 wins per season and Nebraska has averaged 8.5 with that number skewed because of the great success of Bo Pelini who was run out of town for winning 10 games a year.

The Hawkeyes have made a trip to a Rose Bowl and won the Orange Bowl all in the last decade while Nebraska's biggest bowl game has been in the Gator Bowl.

In addition to that, Iowa has beat five Top 7 teams in the AP over the last ten years while Nebraska seemingly has their worst losses in such matchups.

This all has to change drastically to catch up to their Big 10 foes.

Kirk Ferentz has been the model of success at a job that has limited recourses compared to SEC or college football powerhouses.

Considering Nebraska's current spot in the college football landscape, looking at the path Ferentz has taken Iowa on could be a perfect map for Frost and Nebraska.

I am hoping that Nebraska does reach the heights of Hawkeye football because not only will the rivalry be relevant again, but college football is better when the great Husker fans can be proud of the product on the field.

Lately, that just hasn't been the case.