Does Aaron Rodgers deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL next season? Hell yes he does but that doesn't mean he should take it.

Rodgers needs to take a play out of Brady's playbook when his contract extension happens, otherwise he won't win anymore more rings or be a legit part of the greatest of all time conversation.

With an estimated $35 million in net worth, he's made enough money to buy a small island and retire extremely comfortably. He'll also have multiple endorsement deals after he's done that will give him even more income.

He's to the point now where he has nothing left to prove to anyone, he's the best quarterback in the NFL and arguably the best quarterback ever if you're not counting rings. At the rate he's at, he'll likely going to go down with multiple passing records too.

Green Bay needs to maximize their window of opportunity with the remaining veterans before they're too washed up but also find help on defense to get them over the hump.

Rodgers, Matthews, Cobb and Nelson need to swallow their pride and not be greedy. The Packers could potentially restructure enough money to make a big splash in free agency the next two years and also keep all of them.

They've consistently made a run in the playoffs since Rodgers has taken over but they've always been missing a couple pieces each season. Now is the time to fill in the gaps and help Rodgers take this team to the next step.

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