Let's not sugarcoat it: the weather in the Midwest was dreadful the past several days.

Subzero temperatures, heavy snowfalls and windchills below -40 degrees are just a few of the many reasons this weekend was a tough one to bear. But some Minnesota Vikings fans found a way to beat the subzero temperatures and still enjoy a cold one before taking in some NFL action.

During Sunday's tailgate before the Indianapolis Colts whooped the Vikings, clever Minnesota fans found a way to keep their six-packs from freezing.

Using intensive scientific methods and technologies, a group of fans created fire. Fans then placed their drinks near the fire and prevented the ruining of perfectly good beer. No slushies for them.

As someone who has been at NFL games where the temperature is frigid enough to freeze your beer, this drink-maintaining contraption is pure magic. And it doesn't work just for alcoholic beverages. Throw in any canned pop or lemonade and let science do the rest.

If you don't do anything to prevent your beverage from freezing in these subzero temperatures, your drink could end up like this:

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