The cornfields surrounding the Field of Dreams are no more for 2021 as Iowa farmers have come in and chopped them down.

It wasn't anything malicious though, it was just the annual harvest of corn by the farmers on the land surrounding the amazing baseball complex.

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They use a combine to harvest most of the corn, but they harvest the corn by hand where it hugs up against the outfield walls.

Once spring comes around, the local farmers will replant the corn once again to give the Field of Dreams its movie like feel.

It has been a very busy year for the Field of Dreams as well with multiple announcements throughout 2021.

First, Major League Baseball played the inaugural game at the "Field of Dreams" site, followed up by an announcement of Cubs and Reds in 2022 and then recently it was announced that MLB legend Frank Thomas would be purchasing the site.

The Chicago White Sox defeated the New York Yankees on August 12 at the Field of Dreams.

For more information on news surrounding the "Field of Dreams", directions and hours along with future events, you can visit their website.


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