An Iowa man was arrested at a sheriff's office after going there to report a crime.

According to, 24-year-old Manuel Hernandez Jimenez went to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in Sibley on Sunday evening to report that he had been assaulted by 17-year-old Alejandro Tinoco-Alvarez. Those taking the report noted that he showed signs of not being sober, most notably that he smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot.

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement figured out that after the altercation between the two men, Hernandez Jimenez destroyed a washer and dryer belonging to a woman in Sibley. It was not clear where the woman was, or where her appliances were in relation to the altercation, nor what the washer and dryer did to Hernandez Jimenez. He was arrested for public intoxication and fourth-degree criminal mischief.

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Tinoco-Alvarez was arrested for the alleged assault on Hernandez Jimenez. As he was being booked, a "leafy plant material" fell out of his shorts when told to empty his pockets. He had left a marijuana roach in his pocket and was subsequently charged with contraband in a correctional institution.

The cause of the altercation between the two men is unknown. It may have had something to do with laundry.

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